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Veterinary Technician


Does your pet have a troublesome saphenous vein that just won’t cooperate with its blood draw? Well, then you need Megan, the champion of saphenous blood draws. But, this isn’t the only amazing thing about Megan. Megan is a caring, honest, hard working dog mom. She always tries her absolute best to bring positive energy when she is at Buddy’s Vets caring for your pet. She loves to garden and is also great at keeping indoor plants alive, which is truly something not everyone can do. Megan is also always up for an adventure and willing to learn anything you throw her way. The doctors are often grateful for the continuing education Megan keeps up on.  Megan’s only weakness is when she is hangry!

Megan's Buddy:  Nora. She adopted Nora during a low point in her life and she became her companion to help deal with the loneliness of different schedules with her husband. She is truly such a great sport, putting up with all the shenanigans; and she loves her humans just as much as they love her.