September 20


"I've seen things where animals jump through plate glass windows," Dr. Becky Krull said. "They attack their cage to get out and break their teeth."

Dr. Becky Krull says phones at Green Bay Animal Hospital start ringing more often during this time of year.

She has this advice for callers: "If you're going to family activities or events during this time of year, just leave your pets at home. They get loose out of collars, they break away, and then they get lost and as the fireworks continue they get more scared and tend to wander even farther from home."

Krull says pet owners should make sure their animal is comfortable at home, close the windows, and turn on a TV.

She also added that in a worst case scenario, pet owners can turn to drugs and pharmaceuticals from a veterinarian to help their dog deal with the disturbances.

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