The Buddy Experience

From the moment you make your appointment to the minute you walk through our door, a lot has already happened behind the scenes. We gather all the necessary information beforehand so the doctor is best prepared to help you and your pet. Whether your consultation is for overall health maintenance, vaccines, dental treatment, a new puppy or kitten; we will most likely ask you a lot of questions.  We do this because the more we know about your pet, the better we can help. Our doctor's time and vast knowledge are what you get when you choose Buddy’s Vets for your pet’s wellness care. There is nothing secret about what we do; we will explain everything from the exam room to the health plan to the cost. 

Making the appointment -  Joining the Team

  • You’ve called the office to make an appointment - YAY YOU!

  • We will gather information about your pet so we can schedule appropriately; i.e. is this for a new puppy or kitten or do you have a super sick animal. This allows us to know if you need to be seen that same day or can we schedule you out and how much time we may need to block for your pet’s visit. 

  • We also may gather, if necessary, any records for your pet, especially if you are transferring from another clinic. 

  • Be advised we do require a deposit for all new patients whether you're a client already or not. This is a requirement to hold your space. We understand people are busy, but so are our doctors and we’ve seen way too many no shows. When you come to your exam, your deposit is put straight towards your balance. 

  • We also ask that clients keep their appointment. Again, we understand things happen. We recommend 24 hour notice, if at all possible. If you’re running late, we ask that you please give the office a heads up. Depending on how late you are running, we may ask you to reschedule.

Day of Appointment - Game Day

  • Upon arrival, your pet will be weighed. Cats, we like to keep in their carriers because they are generally more comfortable in there and the less stress on them the better, plus we can weigh them in the exam room.

    • Why? Weight is important for all pets from young to elderly, big to small. It helps us understand their growth trends, disease patterns and monitor for obesity. We monitor and keep track of it as long as we are caring for your pet. 

  • After weighing in, you and your pet will be placed in an exam room. A technician will come and get an extensive history from you. As a heads up, we will ask a lot of questions. It’s important to us to know everything about your pet to provide the best care. We like to know what your animals are eating, how often, when they last ate, etc. Is your pet going to the bathroom?  How is its appetite? Behavior? If this is a routine visit, these things are still important to us especially if you have  any concerns. 

  • Next, the nurse will speak with the doctor and relay the information they gathered from you about your pet.  

  • If this is a vaccine consultation:

    • We’ll go over what is due for your pet in their series. 

    • We’ll also discuss your pet’s lifestyle; not all vaccines are right for all pets.

  • The doctor will come in and briefly go over the history you provided; so please be patient. 

  • The doctor will examine your pet. This may happen on the table, on the floor; on the owner’s lap, wherever your pet is least stressed and afraid. 

  • What happens if your pet is just not having it? There may be times we may ask you to come back even if it’s not a critical situation. We can provide medication (or premeds) for your pet to help them feel less anxious. 

  • Be prepared, we absolutely give tons of treats and even encourage owners to let their pet not eat before so they come hungry and eager to take treats. We also encourage owners to bring their pets their own favorite treats or toys. Maybe your cat has a special blanket it likes to hide in, that’s perfect, bring it! We want your pet to be as comfy and cozy as possible. They'll get as thorough an exam as the animal will tolerate or allow the doctor to do.  

  • As we examine your pet, the doctor will walk you through it and explain it as the doctor touches your pet.

The Strategy - Game Plan

  • Once the exam is done, the doctor will go over the plan, should anything further be needed. You will get an estimate for everything we are recommending. For example, if you're there for a routine vaccine consultation, you’ll get an estimate right away of what the doctor would like to do that day, which you will need to sign off on. There's nothing hidden about what we do and what we charge. We're not trying to pull a fast one on you. We want to be open and transparent with you.

  • Once everything is done, all done, you’ll be checked out in the room. This is to protect your privacy and ensure everyone is comfortable.

Post-exam - Post Game

We communicate a ton via email if that works for you. We know we live in a busy world and people are busy. We ask if you prefer something other than email, to please let us know.