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Dr. Becky is an expert in her field of veterinary medicine and has appeared on many news stories and articles. Check out what she is saying.

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“I’ve seen things where animals jump through plate glass windows,” Dr. Becky Krull said. “They attack their cage to get out and break their teeth.” Dr. Becky Krull says phones at Green Bay Animal Hospital start ringing more often during this time of year. She has this advice for callers: “If you’re going to family activities or

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Animals may be scared by fireworks this Fourth of July weekend

Doctor Becky Krull at the Allouez Animal Hospital said there’s never a time to stop preventing ticks. “Ticks don’t necessarily hibernate,” Dr. Krull said. “What they do is they like to go under the leaf cover and then snow goes on top of it and now they’re under in their little nice world of leaves and

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Active Ticks in Winter

Dr. Becky talked with a family that used Green Bay and Allouez Animal Hospital’s Homeward Bound program (a home euthanasia service). Hear what this family had to say. Watch the Segment on WBAY

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In Home Euthanasia

“Pet wellness plans help spread the cost of routine veterinary care out over the year instead of paying a lump sum at the time of service,” says Dr. Becky Krull of Green Bay and Allouez Animal Hospitals, Inc. Read the full article on PetCoach. Read the Article on PetCoach

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Pet Wellness Plans

For would-be dog owners, that makes it the perfect time to bring a new pet into the mix. But with so many people bringing new animals home, many for the first time, there are bound to be mistakes. Some may be minor, while others can have a lasting impact. Dr. Becky talks new do ownership with

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Successful Dog Ownership

Trick or treat can be a stressful time for our pets. A Green Bay veterinarian says the commotion can frighten our furry friends. Dr. Becky Krull of Green Bay Animal Hospital has some advice for keeping our pets happy and healthy during Halloween. Check out the full article on WBAY. Read on WBAY

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Keeping your pets happy and healthy on Halloween

“Every year the tick season gets worse and worse, so I anticipate this year to be last year, plus. The reason is because nothing kills the ticks, not even our harsh winters,” said Dr. Becky Krull.

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Warmer Weather Means More Ticks