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Buddy's Vets Testimonials

This is me and my bff Rudy! I love Dr. Krull for her manner and expertise with my pets. I have three cats as well and they are never fearful of being at the vet and I attribute that to the amazing care they receive from Dr. Krull and her fantastic staff.

  • Jill Lemke 

We love the caring staff and doctors at the clinic. They truly love all our animals. They are willing to try different treatment options. They even put a heart in our puppy’s splint! It’s nice to have people that we trust with our babies.

  • Traci Conway 

Dr. Becky is the best! Cohen is my little warrior yorkie and I love her! Staff is amazing also! Thank you to everyone there who has helped my boy!

  • Nicole Brown 

We have loved our experiences with Dr. Becky and the staff. Our cat, Margie, was in great hands when we chose to utilize their services. The staff was great in communicating over the phone and in person. We live out in the country and Margie enjoys her time mainly outside (weather-permitting of course). She easily enjoyed her visits with Dr. Becky and staff and apparently felt right at home in the clinic. We were sent a form to fill out ahead of time for our first visit along with their payment policy, etc. which I appreciated. Dr. Becky was personable, down to earth, thorough and efficient and cared for Margie like it seemed it was her own cat. We have the utmost trust in the care we’ve received so far and that I know we will continue to receive. That’s a great feeling to have! Thank you for being so passionate about the work you do and compassionate about the animals you care for.

  • Natasha VandenBush 

I could not recommend Buddy’s vets enough! I was very skeptical about having a dental procedure done on my 13 year old pup and Dr. Harper immediately eased my fears and helped us through that hesitation. She was caring, kind and sympathetic to what we were feeling putting an older dog under anesthesia. I knew at that moment, we were at the right vet. All the staff were very helpful and kind- highly recommend!

  • Megan Barrett 

I highly recommend Buddy's Vet Allouez. I called looking for help with a new pet and all local vets around me were not taking new patients...(how is that!?!) Anyway, everyone there was SUPER AMAZING and they were so good and gentle with my Tesla. It was his first visit out EVER, so he was scared. They got him diagnosed and fixed up and hopefully he'll be back to his old self soon.

You guys (I mean girls ) ROCK!!!


We'll definitely be back!

  • Robin Ivey

Great staff, front desk to vets!!  We have 3 dogs and trust buddies vets 100%. Dr. Becky, Dr. Abby, Dr. Haley and Dr. Harper are all great and have seen our fur children.  Such a peace of mind having a team this skillful behind our babies.

  • Ed Borowitz 

Omg. I love Buddy’s Vet !! They helped me in a time of need!! My 7 week puppy lost an eye in an accident. I called them and they got me in RIGHT away and did surgery on their lunch hour (Now who would do that??). My baby was home that evening and doing wonderful!!! Thank you all so much! And a big shout out to Dr Becky, Dr Harper and staff!! Again thank you so much!! Hugs and love from Edith and Mom and dad. 

  • Vicky Krause Pemrich

I always have a great experience at Buddy’s Vets. We love Dr. Becky, Dr. Abby, and Dr. Harper that performed on my one year old cat Bean today after calling me and extensively talking me through his diagnosis and procedure. They have always listened to my concerns with kindness and compassion during the countless times I’ve walked through in tears. I feel so comfortable to have left them with Bean for his visit/scans and procedure.

  • Katja Noelle Ritaz 

Dr. Becky and her team are thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I always leave feeling like we are giving Ruby the best care. I appreciate how they take the time to explain what is going on and provide multiple treatment options. I trust their judgment because it is clear that they love and genuinely care about their patient’s well being. Over the past three years, AAH has always been accommodating and thoughtful. Their personal touches make me feel like Ruby is the most important patient! I am so grateful that we have AAH to care for our sweet Ruby. Highly recommend!

  • Jaci Stempski

I have a very smart house cat. I used to be able to put out the carrier days in advance of a vet trip for an annual exam. No problem, put a few treats around and in it. Then wait for Thor to jump in. Sounds great, but Thor got wise. It became more and more difficult to wrangle Thor into the carrier.

I had canceled an appointment with a different vet when Thor just would not cooperate. I needed something else. I found Allouez Animal Hospital online and read they make house calls that won't break the bank. I called them up and set up a visit.

Once here they had a snack to draw Thor over. Thor really is friendly with people and will check new people out. The snack helped too. They were able to hold her for a bit and give the necessary immunizations. Thor was given a good bill of health. Shortly they departed and Thor was not fazed.

Thor has a nice new vet I will be using again. Way to go!!

  • Bill M. 

We have used Allouez Animal Hospital since 2005 when we moved to the Green Bay area (cats and dogs). I have always been a satisfied client who mostly just showed up yearly for vaccines and checkups, but recently a few events have shown me that Dr. Becky and staff are truly extraordinary and our family is well beyond satisfied.

First, I had to put down my dog in the Fall of 2014. It was devastating and Dr. Becky was so compassionate and caring. Much more recently, our new dog became severely ill. He has a rare disease that is known as the great pretender or great imitator since the symptoms mimic those of more common diseases. It makes it tough to diagnose since vets see it so rarely. Dr. Becky recalled a case from vet school and figured out what was wrong with my dog relatively quickly and that saved his life. This disease requires a lot of care and more than one time, we thought we might lose our dog before the medicine could even arrive for treatment. Dr. Becky got the medicine quickly (ordered based on her hunch before we even had confirmation so we were able to treat the day after the test confirmed the illness) and she has been with us every step of the way. After his confirmed diagnosis, we discussed the latest protocols and came up with a treatment plan that should ensure my dog will be with us for many years to come. Additionally, Mandi, Sam, Amy, Lauren and the entire staff are very patient when you are calling incessantly, because you are scared for your pet. The entire staff is very kind and very professional.

When our pets were all relatively healthy, we were satisfied but didn't think much more about it. Now that we have also had to deal with far more complex and difficult situations, we know just how truly great Allouez Animal Hospital is and how lucky we are to have Dr. Becky looking out for our pets. I strongly recommend Allouez Animal Hospital.

  • Callie L. 

Heidi at the front desk and the entire team went above and beyond the call of duty for us, all with a smile, compassion and care. 10/10 would recommend. Highly knowledgeable as well.

  • Eric B. 

Our beloved goldendoodle is almost 10 years old. She is an integral part of our family. We've used Buddy's Vets (formerly Allouez Animal Hospital) for years, with more frequent needs & visits in 2022. She's had two lumps removed, one benign and one malignant, and also had exploratory surgery to remove an object she had swallowed that was obstructing her colon. On each occasion Teddy was treated with such compassion and professionalism from the moment we walked in the door. Dr. Harper is an outstanding vet and surgeon, and the sensitivity and kindness she displays makes her even more amazing. Every technician and receptionist displays an equal level of humanity. Every team member carefully listens and offers a thoughtful response. We couldn't be more impressed or appreciative of the care we receive at Buddy's Vets. Thank you!

  • Cindy