Dr. Jaleesa Harper

If you are looking for a hardworking and dedicated surgerizing veterinarian, then you are in luck with Dr. Harper. Not only does she think quickly on her feet and outside the box, she cares deeply for all the animals she sees and operates on at Buddy’s Vets. Dr. Harper is also the handler of all things that don’t want to be handled, is touching all the things nobody else wants to touch, and is the fixer of all things broken. She will always make sure there are snacks handy and is up for any adventure where there is fun, laughter and dancing. 

She is passionate about orthopedic diagnosis and supportive care, orthopedic surgery, and rehab.  She has an amazing veterinary journey and got to school in the islands. Dr. Harper is married and a mom of one. Like any good veterinarian she has 2 dogs, Allie, a German Shorthair Pointer and Odin, a Husky, as well as 2 cats Mara and Rocky. She enjoys being active and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Jaleesa's Buddy:  Bailey, the sweetest and naughtiest weimaraner who would get her through many of life’s adventures from college to vet school to her first solo surgery. When Bailey got lung cancer, she would teach Dr. Harper about a pet’s quality of life, about the importance of palliative care and about learning how to say goodbye. Bailey was instrumental in Dr. Harper’s career and is still deeply missed.