Veterinary technician


It’s not everyday someone claims their superpower is just being who they are - but that is just one of the great things about Mandi. Not only is she amazing at being herself, she also has a love for sassy cats. Mandi loves that at Buddy’s Vets things are not just the same all the time, there is variety in her day along with a little fun too. And she loves to have fun and laugh. When she’s not at Buddy’s Vets you can find her tending to her garden, working out, and jamming to her favorite music. 

If you have ever shared a good laugh with Mandi, you know she has the most amazing laugh that can be heard throughout the clinic and turn any frown upside down. Mandi has been named the cat wrangler and whisperer for her amazing calmness with the most fractious of cats. Mandi’s main role is to round up the doctors and get them to their proper room and surgery schedule on time. Mandi has an uncanny knack of remembering every client’s name and has saved the doctors a time or two when their memory is lacking.  Mandi currently houses one cat, a big lug of Pitbull love, a Maltese, and “the Mildred” a cocker spaniel.