Need a lefty, champion food eater who holds 3 degrees and can squat weights like nobody else? Well, then you are in luck. Sarah is all that in addition to being supportive, encouraging, positive and sassy. When she isn’t catching falling humans, she is giving her all to provide the best care to your pets at Buddy’s Vets.  Beyond that, Sarah is insanely adept at handling over assertive dogs and is great under pressure and dependable in any emergency situation. 

With a background in emergency medicine, she can definitely say she will not be bored here with the same fast pace. She had wanted to work with animals since she was a little girl and that dream came true in 2012 when she started at UW-River Falls. Six years, three degrees, and one minor later she is working her dream job. She is happily married with two young kids. 

Sarah's Buddy: Her buddy or also known as her heart dog, Dazzle came into her life during a very difficult time and actually rescued her and now is the queen of the house, giving all the love to her and her husband. She also has a cat named Daryl.