Practice Manager

Tim Geocaris

Tim is the practice manager of this three-ring circus and is a real numbers guy. Do not let his brainiac demeanor fool you, he melts at the sight of a German Shepherd puppy or the Allouez clinic cat. He truly has found his role as the pet whisperer on our team.  Tim lives for his family and is married with two sons.  He also brings that love home where currently two dogs reside, one of whom can’t get enough of the swimming pool!

There may not be a sport in which Tim is not good at, which includes but is certainly not limited to: soccer, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, fishing, hiking, scuba diving, and on. Not only does he thrive in sports, he excels in the numbers world, analyzing data and spreadsheets with gusto, using his 15 years of healthcare management experience to create a vision for the business end of Buddy’s Vets. Tim is a no drama, loyal, fun, team player and values being the best you can be while also having a little fun along the way.