April 13

The 2020 pandemic changed a lot of things about the world we live in, including pet care. The number of pets being adopted or bought during the pandemic increased dramatically.  So many pets found good homes. This surge in pet ownership has led to vets being busier than ever and adding new challenges to pet care. The GBAAH alone has added about 100 new pets a month since the pandemic started. 

Angela Speed from The Wisconsin Humane Society states they, “saw our animal intake drop by about 40% during the pandemic. The length of stay in the shelter was down for cats and dogs, meaning they were finding homes more quickly than in the past.  There is significant adoption demand for dogs and cats in the communities we serve.”

The Lucky 7 Dog Rescue in Green Bay’s number of adopted dogs went up by about 50 last year.

In Washington, “Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Arlington said it expected to finish 2020 helping about 3,385 pets find homes, up from about 1,800 the year before.” 

During coronavirus, animal shelters don’t have enough dogs for the demand - The Washington Post

What does all of this mean for pet owners, new and seasoned?  For a new pet owner, it means:

  • Being prepared. Do your homework before you get your pet. Once your new pet is home, call your veterinarian and get booked for an appointment to meet and greet.
  • Book out your appointments and keep them.  With the surge in new clients, this is highly recommended. If you cancel, you may not only have to book much further out, but you may even not get the chance to reschedule. This is how ridiculously busy many vets are right now, especially the GBAAH.
  • Be on alert to your pet’s health if they are not feeling well. Try to anticipate and call to get an appointment.  Do not wait until the end of the week, as this may end up in not getting in at all.
  • Stay on top of home pet care by keeping up with your pets grooming, dental care, and exercise to name a few.

In addition to the pandemic seeing high rates of pet ownership and new clients for vets, there is also a new trend in services. GBAAH has added many new services to fit the ever-changing trend in pet care. 

They include:

  • Telehealth visits
  • Drop off service - curb-side
  • Mobile and in-home visits.
  • New pet care plans to ensure that your pet is getting all their essential care

With a year under our belt of this pandemic, most people who have pets or have become new pet owners, are now facing the task of what to do with their pets if they are returning to work outside of the home. This is where socialization of your pet becomes increasingly important. If you find yourself in this situation and are unsure of the next steps, call your veterinarian’s office or reach out to us.

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