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Connecting with the pets and the humans on the other end of the leash is what we live for. Hear some of their stories.

Helping your pet adjust to change can be challenging. Just like we get anxious or stressed when there are changes in our lives, so do our pets. They also need time to adjust. A client of ours, Bear, struggled when his human went back to school after being with her all summer. He felt lost.

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Helping Your Pet Adjust to Change

The loss of a pet is not something pet owners look forward to. Having a pet is a unique relationship. Your pet lives in the here and now, and is totally present with you. They don’t have regrets or get anxious about the future and don’t judge you or stay mad. Your pets are loyal

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The Loss of a Pet & Knowing When to Say Goodbye

8 Things to Consider When Finding the Right Dog for You  How does one go about finding the right dog? Have you been thinking about getting a dog? Has one of your children asked for a puppy for their birthday? Did you own a dog before? You may think there isn’t much to it, you

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Finding the Right Dog for You

Orthopedic surgery is available for your pet, here is what you need to know Pets can be very stoic when it comes to pain. They hide it well. It’s only when it becomes too much for them, that you’ll know. And depending on the source of your pet’s pain, there could be a possibility of

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Orthopedic Surgery for Your Pet: What You Need to Know

Brrr..It’s Cold Outside! There are some things we need to think about to protect our pets in winter. Whether we like it or not, that cold weather, see your breath the minute you walk outside cold, is here. If you’ve lived in cold weather for any amount of time, you know what to expect and

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5 Tips to Protect Your Pets in Winter

The 2020 pandemic changed a lot of things about the world we live in, including pet care. The number of pets being adopted or bought during the pandemic increased dramatically.  So many pets found good homes. This surge in pet ownership has led to vets being busier than ever and adding new challenges to pet

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Pet Care & The Pandemic: What should you know?

Humans have anxiety… Pet’s have anxiety. Wait, pets have anxiety? Yes, pets really do have anxiety.  The Green Bay and Allouez Animal Hospital is seeing an increase in calls for pet anxiety symptoms. As pet adoption exploded last year and more people were working from home, they got used to their owners being home. A

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Pet Anxiety: Is that really a thing?

It’s the weekend! Check out these tips Peanut butter! Key Takeaways Key Point #1 Key Point #2 Key Point #3

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Pet Tips for the Weekend

Your dog will thank you Here’s a trick for giving your dog their medicine… Peanut butter! Key Takeaways Key Point #1 Key Point #2 Key Point #3

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How to give dogs their medicine

We would add an excerpt to each post saying what it’s about. That will show up on different pages where we feature a post.

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Tech Tip Tuesday – Vaccines